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Youngha Kim is a Korean artist and sculptor infusing his practice with installation and mixed media. Inspired by natural organic imagery, he explores introspective ways of working with the expectation that he will discover the deeper levels of human nature – a depth which is thought to be missing in a rapidly changing South Korean society. The feelings of separation, voidness and boredom are centre to the sparkling heritages and the miraculous economic growth of post-war South Korea has resulted in conflicts among the different values and virtues. Inquisitive practice into such states of being leads Youngha to explore the ambiguous, inexplicable or undecidable human states.


Installation views of 'Specimen no.4 - Resurrection' and 'Vestiges' in the show 'RIFT', 2019


Installation views of 'Specimen no.2', Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh, 2019

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